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The Interactive Pathology Laboratory offers an interactive, case-based approach for learning the concepts of Pathology. The program consists of approximately 100 cases outlining clinical and laboratory findings along with gross photographs and photomicrographs accompanied by descriptive text. The program has been designed to complement Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease with groups of cases organized into laboratory modules that follow the sequence of chapters in the textbook.

This web site integrates discussion pages where students can post questions that either faculty or other students can answer. The Web site also contains links for other on-line resources related to the specific topic areas of interest. Quick and efficient access to high quality image files and built-in links to Internet based discussion forums and resource sites make the Interactive Pathology Laboratory program a unique and powerful educational tool. In addition to providing content, this program also encourages and facilitates communication and "information seeking" behavior - traits we would like to encourage in our medical students.

As of 3 January 2014, whole slide imaging (virtual microscopy) is fully integrated into IPLab. Students now have the opportunity to explore entire slides on their own, as if they were in a traditional pathology laboratory with a microscope. For further information (as well as a normal histology slidebox), please refer to PEIR-VM.

Lab 1: Cell Injury and Death

Lab 2: Cell Adaptations

Lab 3: Inflammation and Repair

Lab 4: Hemodynamic Disorders

Lab 5: Genetic Disorders

Lab 6: Immunopathology

Lab 7: Neoplasia

Lab 8: Viral Diseases

Lab 9: Bacterial Diseases

Lab 10: Fungal Diseases

Lab 11: Parasitic Diseases

Lab 12: Environmental Pathology

Lab 13: Diseases of Infancy