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Clinical Summary[edit]

This 47-year-old woman diagnosed with metastatic carcinoma of the breast was also found to have severe hypercalcemia. She developed metastatic calcification which was most prominent in the kidneys and lungs.

Autopsy Findings[edit]

In addition to the metastatic breast cancer, important gross findings at autopsy included lungs that were gritty and firm and which weighed 1330 grams. The patient's parathyroid glands were normal (two parathyroid hormone assays during life were normal).


Virtual Microscopy[edit]

Lung: Metastatic Calcification[edit]

Normal Lung[edit]

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Hypercalcemia is the state of having increased levels of calcium in the blood.

The deposition of calcium in normal tissues as a result of elevations in blood calcium.

A normal pair of lungs weighs 825 grams (range: 685 to 1050 grams).

Pulmonary edema refers to the accumulation of fluid in the pulmonary alveolar and tissue spaces as a result of changes in capillary permeability and/or increases in capillary hydrostatic pressure.

A normal alkaline phosphatase is 39 to 117 U/L.