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This class is an amazing course taught by Seung Park, MD that gives an excellent background in many of the approaches used to handle "big data" from an informatics stand point (the only way to do it). This wiki has been developed as a general accessory to the course, including content that was taught in the class and content that might be useful for the final project.

However, this wiki is not just for the class. It contains much of the basic information of programming to help someone beginning their journey in programming or to serve as a resource along the way.

Below are several pages with content from the class and content that may be useful when continuing on from the class

Previous Classes

This class has attracted a wide array of students at its inception starting out as a class designed for anyone that is interested in acquiring a foundation in programming. Take a look here to see some of the previous classes and who all they consisted of.

Programming Resources

While this page is a great resource for programming information, there are many others. Below are some valuable sites for learning to program.