IPLab:Lab 6:Senile Amyloidosis

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Clinical Summary[edit]

This 87-year-old black male diabetic was admitted for amputation of the lower extremity involved by atherosclerotic gangrene and osteomyelitis. Following amputation, the patient's course was one of progressive deterioration. Laboratory studies immediately prior to death revealed a blood glucose of 840 mg/dL and a serum CO2 (bicarbonate) of 8.5 mmol/L.

Autopsy Findings[edit]

The heart weighed 540 grams. The endocardial surface of both atria presented a mottled gray-red and gray-white appearance. Multiple sections through the myocardium revealed a marked 'pallor' of the muscle.


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Osteomyelitis is usually a pyogenic bacteria induced infection/inflammation of bone.

Normal blood glucose levels should be 70 to 100 mg/dL.

A normal bicarbonate level would be 23 to 29 mmol/L (critical level: <10 or >35 mmol/L).

A normal heart weighs 300 grams (range: 270 to 360 grams).