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Clinical Summary[edit]

This 46-year-old white female was found to have prolapse of the uterus two years earlier for which a vaginal hysterectomy had been performed. Study of the specimen demonstrated invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix. Subsequently, she underwent a radical parametrectomy, removal of both tubes and ovaries, and partial resection of the bladder. Six months later, a recurrence of the tumor was treated by 6000 rads to the whole pelvis. Subsequently, the patient developed intermittent small bowel obstruction which resulted in the resection of a segment of ileum. She did well following surgery.

Autopsy Findings[edit]

The surgical specimen consisted of a 13-cm segment of ileum having a luminal circumference of 5 cm. There was a full-thickness tear measuring 2.5 cm in the center of the specimen. On opening the bowel, the mucosa was ulcerated and showed a perforation.


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Parametrectomy is the surgical removal of supporting tissues that surround the uterus.