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This Virtual Microscopy Histology Laboratory Manual is a derivative work from the laboratory teaching materials produced over many years by anatomists from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine. The instructors who designed the curriculum, acquired the teaching slide sets and developed this laboratory manual were: George Hand, PhD, Jim Sheetz, PhD and Laura Cotlin, PhD

The virtual microscopy slides described in this manual are primarily scans of original glass slides used in the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine Cell Biology and Histology teaching program. Additional virtual microscopy slides were kindly contributed by: James L. Fishback, MD, University of Kansas School of Medicine; Mary Ann Sens, MD, PhD, University of North Dakota School of Medicine; and Richard M. Conran, MD, PhD, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. PEIR-VM, the universal web viewer for common whole slide imaging file formats used extensively in Histologic, is developed and maintained by a team lead by Seung Park, MD.


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