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Clinical Summary[edit]

This 66-year-old female had had a mass of increasing size in the left breast for many years. A modified radical mastectomy was performed. At that time, invading carcinoma was left around the subclavian artery and 9 of 9 axillary lymph nodes were found to contain metastases. Later, pleural effusions recurred despite radiation therapy. The patient died 3 months after surgery.


Virtual Microscopy[edit]

Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma[edit]

Normal Breast[edit]

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Related IPLab Cases[edit]

A radical mastectomy involves removal of the breast, underlying pectoralis muscles, and axillary lymph nodes.

Pleural effusion is the presence of fluid in the pleural space. Increased hydrostatic pressure in the pulmonary vasculature, as seen in heart failure, is one cause of pleural effusion.

An infiltrate is an accumulation of cells in the lung parenchyma--this is a sign of pneumonia.