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If it's not Apache it's NGINX (engine-x). Built in C, NGINX is one of the largest web servers in use today on the internet, serving common sites such as Facebook, Netflix, Dropbox, and many more. This server forms the second tier of a LEMP stack and is the part that allows the server to interact with the web. The current version of NGINX that is out and running is 1.5.8 (your current version can be checked after installation with the command below).

nginx -v

This version was recently update from 1.5.6 to 1.5.8, fine-tuning certain parameters and also stripping out some of the last residual hangovers of the apache server.


Installation of NGINX is actually made very straightforward; however, the process is not necessary to explain here as there is an excellent blog on how to do it right here

More Goodies

Once you've got it uploaded, you can do whatever you like, including (but not limited to) design your own website... (seriously, that's all you need as websites are where people spend most of their time anyway). However, there are some parameters not explained in the blog that can help get something to work when all else fails.