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File:IPLab7Bronchogenic3.jpg|This is a photomicrograph of bronchus with ulcerated mucosal surface on the right (1). The submucosa is completely filled with tumor down to the cartilage (2).
File:IPLab7Bronchogenic4.jpg|This is a higher-power photomicrograph of bronchus with the ulcerated mucosal surface on the right and tumor underneath.
File:IPLab7Bronchogenic5bIPLab7Bronchogenic5x.jpg|This is a higher-power photomicrograph showing cytologic detail of the tumor cells with an area foci of keratin pearl formation(arrows).
File:IPLab7Bronchogenic6b.jpg|This is a high power photomicrograph of tumor cells with more keratin production.
File:IPLab7Bronchogenic7bIPLab7Bronchogenic8b.jpg|This high-power photomicrograph of tumor shows the keratin production and areas of necrosis(N).

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