IPLab:Lab 3:Foreign Body Granuloma

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Clinical Summary

This 21-year-old black male suffered a gunshot wound to his right chest. A thoracotomyA thoracotomy is a surgical procedure in which an opening is made in the chest wall. revealed multiple bleeding points in the middle and lower lobe of the right lung and significant hemorrhage from an intercostal artery. A portion of the right middle lobe was removed. The patient's post-operative course was complicated by Gram-negative pneumoniaIn alcoholics, aspiration pneumonia is common--bacteria enter the lung via aspiration of gastric contents. and significant neurologic dysfunction, apparently the result of emboliPlural of embolus. An embolus is something that blocks the blood flow in a blood vessel. It may be a gas bubble, a blood clot, a fat globule, a mass of bacteria, or other foreign body. It usually forms somewhere else and travels through the circulatory system until it gets stuck. from iliofemoral venous thrombosisThrombosis occurring in the deep veins of the legs is a common sequela seen post-operatively.. All were treated without sequelae.


Virtual Microscopy

Lung: Foreign Body Granulomas

Normal Lung

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