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Clinical Summary

This 15-year-old black female sustained third degree burns involving approximately 85% of the body surface. On admission to the hospital, the patient was taken to the operating room where a tracheotomy was performed and her burned body surface was debrided. After a few days of hospitalization, the peripheral white blood count was 41,000 cells/mm³A normal white blood cell count is 4,000 to 11,000 cells per cubic mm. with a shift to the leftA shift to the left indicates an increased ratio of immature PMNs (bands) to mature PMNs (segs).. In spite of intensive therapy, which included administration of fluids and antibiotics, the patient expired on the sixth hospital day.

Autopsy Findings

Each lung weighed approximately 630 gramsA normal adult left lung weighs 375 grams (range: 325 to 480 grams). And a normal adult right lung weighs 450 grams (range: 360 to 570 grams). and was studded with gray nodules which ranged in size from 3 to 6 mm in diameter. In several areas, these coalesced to form nodules having necrotic-appearing centers.


Virtual Microscopy

Lung: Bronchopneumonia

Normal Lung

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