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<gallery heights="250px" widths="250px">
CytologicallyYoursCoW20140276Biopsy1.jpg|20x magnification of pleomorphic nuclei and lipoblasts.
CytologicallyYoursCoW20140227Biopsy1.jpg|20x magnification of pleomorphic nuclei and lipoblasts.
CytologicallyYoursCoW20140276Biopsy1.jpg|40x magnification of pleomorphic nuclei and lipoblasts.
CytologicallyYoursCoW20140227Biopsy2.jpg|40x magnification of pleomorphic nuclei and lipoblasts.

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Clinical Summary

The patient is a 74 year old female with a history of sarcoma of the right thigh and a new lung mass.

Past Medical History

  • Sarcoma of thigh (3 years prior)
  • Osteoarthritis

Past Surgical History

  • Previous excision of thigh sarcoma.
  • Hysterectomy


  • CT showed a right upper lobe low density nodule measuring 3.0 x 2.6 cm which is abutting the pleural surface.

Clinical Plan

The patient was scheduled for an endobronchial ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration biopsy.



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Final Diagnosis


  • Positive for malignancy, favor liposarcoma.


Previous Soft Tissue Biopsy Diagnosis

  • High grade pleomorphic liposarcoma.


The diagnosis of pleomorphic liposarcoma on cytology rests on the presence of highly atypical, sometimes multinucleated lipoblasts. The scalloped nucleus is an important diagnostic feature.