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RADIOLOGY: HEAD: Case# 33043: PAROTID TUMOR-WARTHINS TUMOR. This is a 56 year old female who was referred for evaluation of a left parotid mass which has been present for the last two years. There is a prior history of right parotid gland surgery in 1988. A discrete 2.5x2cm heterogeneous density enhancing mass is seen within the left parotid gland located posteriorly. There is no associated significant lymphadenopathy in the neck on either side. No other mass is noted elsewhere within the left parotid or other salivary glands. Warthins tumors are also called cystadenoma lymphomatosum. They are completely benign tumors (as opposed to pleiomorphic adenomas which have the potential to undergo malignant trasnformation) which occur almost exclusively in the parotid gland. Often, these tumors are multiple and bilateral (this particular patient had contralateral parotid surdery in the past).

Peter Anderson
head, radiology