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RADIOLOGY: SPLEEN: Case# 32792: SPLENIC ARTERY PSEUDOANEURYSM. The patient is a 41-year-old male with history of alcoholic pancreatitis with pseudocyst formation. He is s/p Cyst-gastrectomy approximately 3 years ago. 1) Intramural mass involving the posterior wall of the stomach with a central area of increased enhancement/attenuation within. The appearance is strongly suggestive of a pseudoaneurysm, although it is in an unusual, intramural location. 2) A punctate calcifications within the pancreas consistent with chronic pancreatitis. There is no evidence of residual pseudocyst. Minimal streaky changes in the peripancreatic fat may be residual from prior episodes of pancreatitis or may represent a current episode of radiographically mild pancreatitis. 3) Some subsegmental bibasilar atelectasis.

Peter Anderson
radiology, spleen