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RADIOLOGY: FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE: Case# 34073: ENDOMETRIAL CARCINOMA AND OVARIAN CARCINOMA. 43 year old female presenting to outside institution with bilateral cold feet. Patient underwent bilateral surgical embolectomy and then was transferred to UAB. The uterus is enlarged with low attenuation mass filling the endometrial canal, measuring 3 x 4 cm. Posterior to the uterus there is a heterogeneous, septated 8 x 7 cm mass that displaces the sigmoid mesentery to the right. Smaller (2 cm) obturator node is identified on the right. The ovaries are thought to be seen on image 44. No free intraperitoneal fluid is seen. The bladder is compressed by the uterus with apparent fat plane between the two demonstrated. Surgical changes in both groins are identified. 8 mm low attenuation within the aorta, at the anterior wall, is consistent with thrombus. This is just above the level of the origin of the celiac artery. The diameter of the aorta is 2 cm here.