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RADIOLOGY: ABDOMEN: Case# 34056: AVULSED INTERNAL OBLIQUE FROM MVA. 37 year old patient in motor vehicle accident. 1. Small residual left pneumothorax. Bilateral pleural effusions, left greater than right. Left diaphragmatic hematoma. 2. Extraperitoneal fluid collection is seen in the right and left anterior pararenal spaces, retroperitoneum, and perivesicular spaces as described above. A focal increased density is seen within this perivesicular extraperitoneal fluid may represent active extravasation from the bladder (from prior cystogram) or vascular extravasation. 3. Multiple pelvic fractures, right L5 transverse process fracture. 4. Avulsion/transection of the right transversus abdominous, internal and external obliques just superior to their pelvic attachments. 5. No CT evidence of splenic or hepatic injury. No extravasation from the duodenum to indicate duodenal injury. 6. Small increased density seen in the upper pole of the left kidney may represent a calyceal diverticulum and/or retained contrast from prior study. This increased density does not have the appearance of a traumatic lesion. 7. Intrauterine device in place.