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RADIOLOGY: VASCULAR: Case# 33958: MESENTERIC INJURY. LEFT 7TH, 8TH AND POSSIBLY A LEFT 6TH RIB FRACTURE. 54 year old male who is status post MVA. 1. There is active extravasation of arterial contrast from the mesentery in the right mid and lower abdomen consistent with mesenteric injury. 2. There is high attenuation clot around the liver and spleen. This may be from the mesenteric injury but splenic or hepatic cannot be excluded.A definite injury to these organs is not identified on this exam. 3. The foley catheter balloon does not appear to be within the bladder.This could indication an intraperitoneal bladder injury. However due to the limitations of this examination the catheter could be located in the superior posterior portion of the bladder. 4. Left 7th, 8th and possibly a left 6th rib fracture. There is no pneumothorax.

Peter Anderson
radiology, Vascular