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RADIOLOGY: VASCULAR: Case# 33938: INJURY TO THE PROXIMAL RIGHT RENAL ARTERY .RIGHT L4 TRANSVERSE PROCESS FRACTURE. DIVERTICULOSIS. 54 year old female status post MVA approximately 11 to 12 hours prior to this study. The patient initially without abdominal pain but now with bilious vomiting. 1. Findings consistent with injury to the proximal right renal artery with likely resultant spasm causing minimal enhancement of and no excretion of contrast by the right kidney. A small amount of fluid surrounds the proximal right renal artery and tracts anteriorly, consistent with a small amount of hemorrhage. 2. Right L4 transverse process fracture. 3. Diverticulosis. 4. Status post cholecystectomy.

Peter Anderson
radiology, Vascular