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RADIOLOGY: HEPATOBILIARY: Case# 33276: BILE DUCT HAMARTOMAS. 76 year old patient presents with acute renal failure and enterococcal bacteremia. The patient has history of NIDDM, CAD, and COPD. The patient is status post partial colectomy for diverticulitis. 1) Multiple hypoattenuating hepatic and splenic lesions. Differential includes fungal microabscess and diffuse METS. No enlarged lymph nodes are visualized. 2) Enlarged prostate gland. Please correlate the PSA levels. 3) Cholelithiasis. 4) Multiple low attenuating and iso-attenuating renal lesions bilaterally. These may represent simple and/or hyperdense cysts or cystic masses. However, these cannot be further characterized without intravenous contrast.

Peter Anderson