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RADIOLOGY: HEAD: Case# 33092: ANGIOMYOLIPOMA - SMALL. 44 year old female with a history (as reported to us initially) of papillary thyroid carcinoma metastatic to the posterior fossa and mastoid air cells, status post thyroidectomy and multiple brain surgeries, as well as XRT. 1. Small focal lesion of the lower pole of the left kidney, probably an angiomyolipoma. No other significant abnormalities are present. Specifically, the appearance of the kidneys is not compatible with von Hippel-Lindau disease (which we understand is sometimes associated with this patients known tumor). 2. Hypodense lesion in the right posterior hepatic lobe, etiology uncertain. Two other smaller focal liver lesions are too small to characterize. 3. Uterine leiomyomata and bilateral ovarian cysts.