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RADIOLOGY: VASCULAR: Case# 33066: PULMONARY ARTERY PSEUDOANEURYSM WITH THROMBOSIS. Patient status post right lower lobectomy in 11/96 with hypercoagulable state. Now returns with worsening fever. 1. Superior vena cava syndrome due to SVC clot with chest wall collaterals. This has not changed since 12/10/96. 2. Probable new acute thrombus in the right pulmonary artery. 3. Acute and chronic thrombus in the left pulmonary artery with development of new clot since 12/10/96. There has been progressive enlargement of the left interlobular pulmonary artery and extension of probable endothelized clot into the branches of the left lower lobe since that time. 4. Peripheral wedge-shaped opacity in the left lower lobe consistent with PTE, enlarged since 12/10/96. 5. Enlargement of the fluid and air collection in the post-lobectomy space. ? infection or related to PTE.