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RADIOLOGY: GASTROINTESTINAL: GI: Case# 33148: SMALL BOWEL INTUSSUSCEPTION. 33 year old female with history of mononucleosis recently. The patient is currently admitted with spiking fevers, elevated white count and abdominal pain. There is a small bowel intussusception. It is difficult to determine the exact level by this examination but this is believed to be at the level of the distal jejunum or proximal ileum. In the adult population intussusception are usually a result of another disease process creating a lead point for the intussusception to occur. The exact etiology of this intussusception is not determined based on this examination. If clinically indicated a small bowel follow-through examination may be more helpful in determining the etiology of this intussusception. 2. There are calcified granulomas in the spleen as well as calcified granuloma in the right lung base. 3. No abnormal fluid collections are identified in the abdomen. The appendix is normal in appearance.