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RADIOLOGY: MUSCULOSKELETAL: Case# 33135: MULTIPLE PELVIC FRACTURES INCLUDING THE SACRUM, RIGHT PUBIC RAMI AND TRANSVERSE PROCESSES OF L1, L2 AND L5; EXTRAPERITONEAL BLADDER/URETER RUPTURE. 19 year old white female S/P MVA, ejected from the car and landed on her pelvis. 1) Multiple pelvic fractures including the sacrum, right pubic rami and transverse processes of L1, L2 and L5 as described above. Large perineal, pelvic and retroperitoneal hematoma. Small amount of high density fluid in the right pericolic gutter without evidence of intra-abdominal soft tissue injury. 2) Extraperitoneal bladder/ureter rupture and ? rectal tear.