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RADIOLOGY: PANCREAS: Case# 32818: TRAUMATIC PANCREATIC DUCT STRICTURE WITH DILATATION. 50 year old male with recent ERCP demonstrating complete ductal disruption at the junction of the neck and body. Patient has remote history of trauma, and we are asked to evaluate possible post traumatic change of the pancreas vs. pancreatic neoplasm. 1. Abrupt caliber change of the pancreatic duct which is normal caliber in the head and neck region and massively dilated in the body and tail. Given the patients history of trauma and lack of an abnormal enhancing pancreatic mass, findings are thought to be due to benign stricture of the dorsal pancreatic duct. No abnormal peripancreatic fluid collections or evidence of acute pancreatitis is seen. 2. Malrotated left kidney.

Peter Anderson
pancreas, radiology