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RADIOLOGY: ADRENAL: Case# 33927: LARGE LEFT ADRENAL MASS. ?ADRENAL CARCINOMA. This patient apparently has lower abdominal pain for several weeks. Prior surgical history includes hysterectomy and cyst removal from breast. No definite prior history of malignancy. 1. The most striking abnormality is a large heterogeneous left adrenal mass. The appearance of this very suspicious for malignancy including both primary adrenal carcinoma and metastases. Absence of metastases elsewhere makes primary adrenal lesions somewhat more likely. Pheochromocytoma would also be a consideration. Correlation with biochemical abnormalities or history of primary malignancy elsewhere is recommended. The lesion would be ammenable to biopsy should that be felt necessary. No other definite malignant lesions identified. 2. No definite etiology for abdominal pain is identified with no sign of diverticulitis.

Peter Anderson
adrenal, radiology