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RADIOLOGY: GASTROINTESTINAL: GI: Case# 33875: ADENOCARCINOMA; ADENOPATHY IN THE GASTROHEPATIC LIGAMENT AS WELL AS LEFT CELIAC AXIS CHAINS. This is a 79-year-old male who had a barium enema on 8/21/97 demonstrating an area of narrowing and irregularity in the distal transverse colon just before the ascent for the splenic flexure. 1. Markedly thickened gastric wall consistent with biopsy result of adenocarcinoma. Adenopathy is suspected in the gastrohepatic ligament as well as left celiac axis chains. 2. Distal transverse colonic wall thickening immediately adjacent to the gastric wall thickening raises the possibility of spread of the adenocarcinoma to the colon. 3. Four small hepatic hypodensities, indeterminate at this small size. However, metastasis cannot be excluded. 4. Questionable L5 lytic lesion.

Peter Anderson