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RADIOLOGY: VASCULAR: Case# 33832: 31-year-old female with previous trauma 15 years ago which resulted in pancreatitis and pseudocyst formation with subsequent splenic vein thrombosis and portal vein thrombosis. The patient underwent a splenectomy. The patient now has DIC and we are asked to assess for possible mass in the abdomen. 1. Multilobular mass composed of vascular structures, some of which are calcified of uncertain etiology. It could represent an aggressive proliferation of varices, an aggressive hemangioma, hemangiosarcoma, or hemangiopericytoma. Correlation with angiogram may be helpful as well as comparison with previous outside studies. 2. Multiple multicystic pelvic lesions which could represent hydrosalpinx vs cystic ovarian neoplasm.

Peter Anderson
radiology, Vascular