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RADIOLOGY: GASTROINTESTINAL: GI: Case# 33719: CARCINOID OR NEUROENDOCRINE TUMOR WITH LIVER METASTASES . BILATERAL ADRENAL HYPERPLASIA. 35 year old male with Cushings disease. Work-up for primary tumor has been negative for malignancy up to this point. 2.2 x 4.2 cm mass in the region of the ileocecal valve. 2. Ill-defined hypodensity within the liver adjacent to the portal venous bifurcation. Images characteristics are not typical for hemangioma. Metastases are suspected although focal fatty infiltration cannot entirely be excluded. 3. Small nodule in the right lung base. 4. Differential diagnosis includes carcinoid, primary adenocarcinoma, and lymphoma. Given the patients history of Cushings disease, carcinoid or neuroendocrine tumor with liver metastases is felt to be most likely. 5. Bilateral adrenal hyperplasia.

Peter Anderson