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RADIOLOGY: VASCULAR: Case# 33695: The patient is a 79 year old male status post a cardiac catheterization on 12/3/97. Right groin hematoma with strandy changes in the subcutaneous fat of the right groin. 3. Crossed-fused ectopia of the kidneys. The kidneys demonstrate nephrograms and excretion of contrast presumably from IV contrast given one day prior to this examination. The fact that the kidneys are still excreting IV contrast is consistent with ATN related to contrast nephrotoxicity vs. a pre-existing renal disease. 4. Left lower lobe atelectasis with a rounded pleural based soft tissue density. This rounded density may represent rounded atelectasis vs. a pleural based mass. Does this patient have a history of malignancy? 5. Absence of the spleen. 6. Prostate enlargement with slight urinary bladder trabeculation.