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RADIOLOGY: GASTROINTESTINAL: GI: Case# 33676: DUODENAL LIEOMYOSARCOMA ALSO 6-18TKC SCAN. Patient is a 62 year old male with known metastatic leiomyosarcoma to retroperitoneum, lung, and liver. He now presents with anorexia, weight loss, and GI bleed. Very large retroperitoneal mass invades duodenum and has gas within it suggesting communication the duodenal lumen. There are multiple pulmonary metastases, multiple hepatic metastases, right adrenal metastasis and extension into the left periaortic nodule chain. The mass invades and encases celiac and SMA and occludes the splenic vein, superior mesenteric vein, and portal vein. There is a small amount of ascites but no definite other abdominal or pelvic metastases.

Peter Anderson