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RADIOLOGY: MALE REPRODUCTIVE: Case# 33655: VARICOCELE. 19 year old male with a testicular mass for approximately one year. There are multiple tubular structures superior and posterior to the left testis. Additionally, the tubular structures continue into the inguinal canal and color doppler revealed intense color enhancement. A small hydrocele is present and the underlying testis is normal. A varicocele is a collection of varicose veins from the pampiniform plexus. They are detected in 8 - 15% of the normal male population. The most common reason for their occurrence is incompetent valves in the testicular veins. Most cases of varicoceles are benign and most occur on the left side. Occasionally bilateral varicoceles are present. The most common presenting symptom is infertility in men, with 40% of cases of infertility being associated with varicoceles. Ultrasound is useful for detecting varicoceles of all sizes and for excluding other causes of testicular masses. The definitive diagnosis can be made by demonstrating the increase in size with increased abdominal pressure. Duplex doppler evaluation will demonstrate a typical venous wave form.