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RADIOLOGY: LUNG: Case# 33648: FOREIGN BODY ASPIRATION. Chronic cough. Frontal radiograph reveals hyperinflation of the left hemithorax. The heart size is normal and the lungs are clear. Asymmetric hyperinflation suggests the possibility of an aspirated foreign body in this two year old infant. Bilateral decubitus views were obtained. They show that the right lung becomes appropriately atelectatic with decubitus positioning. However, the left side shows no change in appearance with decubitus positioning. These findings further collaborate the diagnosis of an aspirated foreign body or a possible obstruction of the left main stem bronchus from a central etiology. Bronchoscopy was performed and a peanut was identified within the airway. The follow up chest radiograph shows symmetrically, normally aerated lungs. Foreign body aspiration is a common cause of focal hyperinflation or pneumonia in toddlers. The aspiration event frequently is

Peter Anderson
lung, radiology