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RADIOLOGY: ABDOMEN: Case# 33039: ?MUCINOUS ...? CA. 75 year old male who was diagnosed with prostate cancer 5 years ago with metastatic disease 3 years ago. Underwent orchiectomy. Patient now has increasing liver function test. 1. Peritoneal ascites and abnormal omentum which is most consistent with a carcinomatosis, although this is unusual for prostate cancer, this could represent metastatic disease from another occult malignancy. With the pancreatic findings, this is a likely source.2. Biliary dilatation with no definite point of obstruction identified. The cystic lesions in the pancreas most likely represent an irregular pancreatic duct, but a cystic neoplasm cannot be completely excluded. An ERCP could better evaluate this. 3. Small right pleural effusion. 4. Diverticulosis. 5. Medical renal disease on the left.

Peter Anderson
abdomen, radiology