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RADIOLOGY: GENITOURINARY: GU: Case# 33011: TCC - BLADDER. Seventy-two year old white male with gross hematuria. IVP on 1/8/96 shows large left bladder filling defect with delayed renal function of the left kidney and right renal stone. 1) Large pelvic mass which appears centered within the bladder which is most suspicious for transitional cell carcinoma with adjacent obstruction of bladder diverticulum versus urinoma. Less likely possibilities include an abscess adjacent to the neoplasm. Prostate carcinoma is unlikely but possible. 2) Encasement of the suspected duplicated left ureter resulting in dilatation of the extrarenal pelvis. 3) Right mid portion renal calculus. 4) No abnormal adenopathy, skeletal lesions or distant metastases.

Peter Anderson