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RADIOLOGY: GENITOURINARY: GU: Case# 32993: BLADDER CA - MR. 61-year old male with acute renal failure and bilateral hydronephrosis. Left nephrostomy tube was placed 9/22/95 for decompression. Lateral wall biopsy during cystoscopy reveals squamous cell carcinoma. This study has been ordered for staging purposes. Because of the patients ARF, a contrasted abdominal CT was relatively contraindicated. An infiltrative bladder wall mass is visualized with interruption of the hypointense bladder wall musculature on T2 weighted images. The bladder wall measures 2.2 cm in thickness on the sagittal fast spin echo series. Bilateral hydroureters are noted (right greater than left). The right ureter measures approximately 4 cm in diameter at the level of the UVJ. A 1.5 x 2 cm node is visualized at the right pelvic sidewall at the bifurcation of the common iliac vessels to the internal and external iliac vessels. No free fluid is identified in the pelvis. No definite evidence of skeletal metastases is visualized.