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RADIOLOGY: KIDNEY: Case# 32930: MVA, RENAL INFARCTS & VERTEBRAL FRACTURE. 22 year old male S/P MVA with L1 fracture and knee injury. Abdominal CT is being done to rule out intraabdominal injury. The liver, spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, right kidney and visualized small and large bowel loops are unremarkable in appearance. Multiple well-defined low attenuating segmental lesions involving the left kidney are seen and are suggestive of multisegmental infarctions. There is no perinephric hematoma. Both renal veins are well visualized and are normal in appearance. There is a burst compression comminuted fracture of the L1 vertebra with encroachment of the spinal canal by the displaced fractured bony fragments.

Peter Anderson
kidney, radiology