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RADIOLOGY: VASCULAR: Case# 32925: IVC DISSECTION SECOND. TO MVA. This is a 27 year old male who is S/P MVA. CT has been requested to evaluate intra-abdominal trauma. There is a large amount of ascites throughout the abdomen and pelvis. There is a large amount of high attenuation fluid within the anterior pararenal space on the right, extending down into the pelvis. At the level of the right renal vein, there appears to be disruption of the inferior vena cava, with surrounding hematoma. There is a questionable area of intraluminal thrombus just below this. The remainder of the inferior vena cava below this level, is markedly decreased in caliber, crescentic in shape and displaced to the left. Immediately above the iliac confluence, the IVC abruptly resumes a normal shape, but is moderately dilated. Both kidneys demonstrate normal enhancement and excretion. Both ureters are patent and intact down to the bladder. There is a significant amount of fluid around the bladder within the pelvis, especially anterior to the bladder. The continuity of the bladder cannot be determined with this study, as only a very small amount of contrast is present within the bladder.