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RADIOLOGY: VASCULAR: Case# 32875: MVA, MESSENTERIC VASCULAR INJURY. 64-year-old female with worsening abdominal tenderness post MVA. A large right inframesocolic mesenteric hematoma is present surrounding the terminal ileum. A moderate sized right flank and abdominal wall musculature hematoma is present lateral to the mesenteric hemorrhage. A moderate to large volume of fluid is present throughout the abdomen, most consistent with anemic hemorrhage. The IVC and renal veins are diminutive with a small spleen. A small right medium attenuation pleural effusion is present. A single left lateral rib fracture is present without pneumothorax or associated pleural effusion. A round 1.3 cm high attenuation lesion is present on the right adrenal gland.

Peter Anderson