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RADIOLOGY: SPLEEN: Case# 32837: SPLENIC RUPTURE S/P HIT BY TRUCK. Patient is a 44 year old male involved in MVA. There is a splenic rupture with a small amount of fluid seen throughout the peritoneal cavity of slightly higher attenuation than water. There is diastasis of the left SI joint and a pelvic hematoma. The spleen is the most frequently injured abdominal organ in the setting of trauma. CT findings in splenic trauma include a hypoattenuating hematoma which may have a subcapsular crescentic area, an indistinct splenic margin, and inhomogeneous splenic enhancement. Separation of splenic fragments indicates splenic fracture. Areas of high attenuation within or around the spleen indicate active contrast extravasation (active bleeding). The finding of hemoperitoneum also indicates that there has been disruption of the splenic capsule.

Peter Anderson
radiology, spleen