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RADIOLOGY: FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE: Case# 32836: RECTOVAGINAL FISTULA, CERVICAL CA. The patient is a 66 year old female with vaginal bleeding. 1) 5 x 6 cm ill-defined mass arising from the uterus (less likely the cervix) with stippled calcifications. This may be an endometrial carcinoma. The tumor invades the anterior rectal and has produced a recto-vaginal filtula. Posterior bladder wall invasion cannot be excluded. 2) Single possible liver metastasis. 3) Bilateral pleural effusions with atelectasis. Questionable small nodule in the lung bases bilaterally also possibly representing metastasis. Chest x-ray PA and lateral is recommended for further evaluation. 4) Small to moderate amount of ascites. 5) Moderate bilateral hydroureteronephrosis, with obstruction of the ureters by the pelvic mass.