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RADIOLOGY: ABDOMEN: Case# 64: LOW PROTIEN - GASTRIC WALL EDEMA. The patient is a 63 year old white female with chronic pancreatitis, ascites, and cachexia. A marked amount of ascites is seen throughout the peritoneal cavity. Patient is S/P choledochoduodenostomy with gas seen in the intra- hepatic biliary system. There is marked gastric mucosal edema, as well as edema in the duodenum, small bowel and the colon (except for the rectum and sigmoid). The patient is severly cachetic. A cyst is seen in the left kidney. Calcifications are seen in an atrophic pancreas, with proximal pancreatic duct dilatation to the level of the pancreatic neck. An approximately 9 mm calculus is seen at the pancreatic neck and may be the cause of obstruction. A 1 x 1 cm paraaortic node is seen just below the left renal vein.