This Is Your Brain On Informatics

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This Is Your Brain On Informatics

Testing out the fluids.

Sudo su = allows you super user privileges

^k = delete line

^w = find

^u = undoes one typo

Ls –a = list all files in the folder

Tar –xzvf *.tar.gz = unzip the .tar.gz file

Mkdir = make directory

/etc/init.d = initiate daemon (it does something but it stays in memory?!)

find / -name foo This will search the whole system for any files named foo and display their pathnames. Here we are using the criterion -name with the argument foo to tell find to perform a name search for the filename foo.

If you get locked out of your server, enter pico /etc/hosts.deny Once you are in that file, delete the IP address (your IP address) that has been blocked at the bottom of the file.