Cytologically Yours: CoW: 20140213

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Clinical Summary

The patient is a 66yo old male presenting with jaundice.

Past Medical History

  • History of prostate cancer 5 years ago.
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Chronic back pain

Past Surgical History

  • Prostatectomy (2009)
  • Thyroidectomy (2004)


  • Ultrasound of head of pancreas shows a 43mm x 23mm ill defined mass.

Clinical Plan

The differential diagnosis included pancreatic adenocarcinoma and metastatic prostate cancer.



Resident Questions

Cell Block

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Final Diagnosis


  • Metastatic prostate carcinoma.
  • CK7 Negative
  • CA19.9 Negative
  • PSA Positive


Metastatic prostate carcinoma to the pancreas is rare; however, long term survival of prostate cancer may increase the incidence. Renal cell carcinoma is the most metastatic pancreatic tumor.