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Cytologically Yours: CoW: 20140206


Clinical Summary

The patient is a 12 year old female with a six month history of left shoulder pain. The patient had tried Aleve and had several chiropractic visits which were unsuccessful at relieving the pain.

Past Medical History

  • Previously heathy

Past Surgical History

  • No surgical history


  • AP/Lateral images show a destructive and aggressive appearing lesion in the left proximal huerus in the metaphysis extending 7.5cm distally in the diaphysis.

Clinical Plan

The differential diagnosis included osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma. MRI and CT guided biopsy are scheduled.



Resident Questions

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Final Diagnosis


  • High grade sarcoma, favor osteosarcoma.


Biopsy Diagnosis

  • Conventional high grade sarcoma, sclerotic type.


The experience of FNA of osteosarcoma is mainly with conventional high-grade intramedullary sarcoma and to the rare high-grade surface osteosarcoma. Smears usually contain dissociated neoplastic cells and cell clusters.