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Welcome to the Pathology Education Instructional Resource (PEIR), a web teaching resource and informatics training grounds developed and directed by Seung Park, MD and Peter Anderson, DVM, PhD. Please contact Dr. Anderson directly if you have any interest in contributing and/or editing content.

PEIR Projects

Image Libraries

  • The PEIR Digital Library contains more than 30,000 curated teaching images, and is our flagship project.
  • PEIR-VM is a compehensive teaching repository of whole slide images.


  • IPLab is a comprehensive online course in classic pathology.
  • Histologic is a comprehensive histology manual.
  • Cytologically Yours is an online cytopathology teaching resource for pathology residents and fellows.
  • This Is Your Brain On Informatics consists of the class notes for GBSC703-01D/STP2146: "this is your brain, THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON INFORMATICS".