IPLab:Lab 6:Graves Disease

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Clinical Summary

This 18-year-old girl presented with complaints of swelling in the neck, weight loss, bulging of the eyes, tremor, decreased heat tolerance, loose stools, and occasional palpitations. Physical examination revealed normal blood pressure, resting tachycardia of 110 beats per minute, mild exophthalmos, eyelid lag, and a diffusely enlarged thyroid gland. Pertinent laboratory findings were thyroxine (T4) level 30.8 mcg/dLA normal T4 level is 4 to 11 mcg/dL., free thyroxine was 2.7 ng/dLA normal free T4 level is 0.71 to 1.85 ng/dL., and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) was 0.22 mcIU/mL. She was given propylthiouracil until she became nearly euthyroid, at which time a thyroidectomy was done.

Autopsy Findings

The thyroid gland weighed 45 gramsA normal thyroid gland weighs 25 grams.. It was beefy red in color and had a homogeneous fleshy consistency.


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